Digital Microinjector (for Micromanipulator)

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Digital Microinjector (for Micromanipulator)


이 Digital Microinjector는 주사기 또는 유리 모세관을 고정하는 데 특별히 사용되는 Micromanipulator 설계를 채택하여 정밀한 미세 주입이 가능합니다.


• Reach target position in short time based on different axis (X、X’、Y、Z and rotational one) together with the coarse and fine adjustment;

• Stable fixing to ensure the accurate infusion and withdrawal;

• Digital display available in X and X’ axis, which achieve:

Automatically calculate the target distance of X’ axis by submitting the infusion/withdrawal volume and the diameter of the syringe;

Real-time display the moving distance of X and X’ axis, no need to read the scale in the Micromanipulator or syringe, thus to avoid error and relax the eye;

Accuracy reach 0.01mm.

Technical Parameters

Syringe 0-1000ul
Resolution 0.01mm
Digital resolution 0.01mm
Power DC power


Item No. Product Description
MJ20-0111 Digital Microinjector (for Micromanipulator)-Left arm
MJ20-0112 Digital Microinjector (for Micromanipulator)-Right arm
32-2001 Micromanipulator Stand
32-2002 Micromanipulator Stand (Magnetic)
32-2004 Electrode Holder
32-3009 Glass capillary (100pcs/pkg)