Digital Microinjector (for Stereotaxic Instrument)

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Digital Microinjector (for Stereotaxic Instrument)


이 Digital Microinjector는 Stereotaxic Instrument에 설치되어 Mouse와 Rat의 뇌에 바이러스, 세포 및 약물 주입에 적용됩니다.



• Easily needle installation;

• Applicable for Hamilton, SGE syringe (0.5-100ul);

• Working mode: Infusion, Withdrawal;

• Returning Zero can be set at any time, any position and display the distance of infusion and withdrawal of the piston in real time;

• Infusion/withdrawal volume can be automatically calculated by EXCEL;

• Minimum infusion/withdrawal volume 0.0083nl (with 0.5ul syringe)-16.7nl (with 100ul syringe);

• Injector lock when infusion/withdrawal finish to avoid disoperation;

• Infusion/withdrawal rate can be adjusted.