Dual Syringe Pump

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Dual Syringe Pump


이 주사기 펌프는 과학 연구에 널리 사용되며 동시에 2개의 주사기에 적용할 수 있습니다.



• Working Mode: Injection, Withdrawal, Injection/ Withdrawal, Withdrawal/ Injection, Continuous

• 4.3 Inch touch screen with intelligent operation;

• Start, Stop and Pause are visible during the whole experiment;

• Applicable for different syringe to meet the demands of different experiment;

• High precision with alarm function.

Technical Parameters:

Syringe 10ul-60ml
Flow Rate 0.184 nl/min-83.318 ml/min
Channels Dual channels
Operation Touch screen and button
Power-off memory Data saving automatically when power off