Micro Syringe Pump

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Micro Syringe Pump

• Syringes: 0.5ul-100ul;

• Working Mode: Injection, Withdrawal, Injection/ Withdrawal, Withdrawal/ Injection, Continuous

• Flow Rate: 0.005nl/min (0.5ul) – 152.4ul/min (100ul)

• No volatile memory: store all settings

• Built-in main standard syringe or define the syringe needed.


• Applicable for Rat, Mouse, Zebra Fish, Insect etc.

• High precision available with Pico liter, Nanoliter, Microliter;

• High stability, with unique piston secure to fit with various syringe, ensure no shift, no curve and no damage for piston;

• Easy operation: simple and clear injection parameter setting;

• Start, Stop and Pause are visible during the whole experiment;

• High safety: Safety distance is remaining in the syringe, together with alarm function to ensure no damage on the piston and syringe pump;

• Light weight of the remote pump head (0.25kg), well fit with Stereotaxic, Micromanipulator etc.