UAHK-TA Ultimate Animal & Human Physiology Teaching Kit 생리학 연구실 실험

Ultimate Animal & Human Physiology Teaching Kit에는 심혈관, 호흡기 및 신경근 생리학에 대한 93개의 실험과 200개 이상의 운동을 가르치는 데 필요한 모든 하드웨어 및 구성 요소, LabScribe 소프트웨어 및 전문적으로 작성된 코스웨어가 포함되어 있습니다.

생리학 연구실 실험


The UAHK-TA Ultimate Animal & Human Physiology Teaching Kit includes

  • IX-TA-220 data recorder​
  • LabScribe Software with site license and free updates.
  • Isolated ECG/EMG/EEG iWire Module ( iWire-B3G)
  • Spirometry – Re-useable Flow Head 300L (A-FH-300)
  • Blood Pressure Cuff and valve (BP-220)
  • Event Marker (EM-220)
  • Hand Dynamometer (FT-220) with A-BT-220 Tubing .
  • Stethoscope (HSM-220) and HeadPhone (A-BNC-HP)
  • Pulse Plethysmograph. (PT-104)
  • Striated Muscle Transducer (SMT-220)
  • Temperature Probe (TM-220)
  • Single-Axis Goniometer (GN-100)
  • Pulse Oximeter (PO2-CMS50D)
  • Patellar Reflex Hammer (PRH-200)
  • EEG Headband (A-HB-IWIRE) with A-CEG SignaGel
  • Respiration Monitor (nasal cannula) (A-RM-220)
  • GSR Finger Electrodes (C-ISO-GSR)
  • GSR Electrode Paste (A-GSR-GEL)
  • Force Transducer (FT-302)
  • Nerve Bath Chamber (NBC-401)
  • Oxygen Electrode ( ISE-730)
  • Bi-Polar Stimulating Electrode ( A-BST-100)
  • Platinum Needle Recording Electrodes ( C-ISO-PN3)
  • Platinum Needle Stimulating Electrodes ( C-BNC-PN2)
  • Dissection Kit (A-STK-125)
  • Femur Calmp(A-FEM-7025),
  • Stand (A-TB-NMB-125) & positioner (A-TB-MXBLK)
  • Student Respiration Kit (A-SRK-1)
  • Spirometer Tubing (A-ST-300-TA)
  • Power Supply for IX-TA (A-UP12-DC-25-1.5A)
  • Disposable Adult Electrodes A-GC-7165
  • Stimulator Cable – Safety to Snap-Lead (C-HVS-SL2)
  • Recording Leads – Safety to Snap-Lead (C-ISO-SL7)
  • USB Cable (C-USB)
  • Kit Box (A-KB-TA)