Zebrafish ECG System

Zebrafish ECG System


LS-ECG LabScribe ECG 분석 모듈은 심장 기능의 핵심 지표인 T 및 QT 세그먼트 단축 및 연장을 포함한 다양한 분석 옵션을 제공합니다.


Zebrafish ECG 연구

심혈관 약물 발견에서 Zebrafish는 혈전증, 측부 혈관 발달, 염증, 심근병증 및 심장 재생과 같은 프로세스를 모델링하는 데 사용됩니다.

The iWorx ZS-200 Zebrafish ECG Recording and Analysis System provides an ideal way to use this cost-effective model for high throughput, rapid screening of compounds. The LS-ECG LabScribe ECG Analysis Module provides an array of analysis options including  T and QT segment shortening and prolongation which are a key indicator of cardiac function.

Large Fish ECG systems are available. Contact us for details.

The ZS-200 Zebrafish system provides a compact, easy-to-use and non-invasive solution for investigation of cardiac side effects of a vast number of molecules.

The system features:
■ Cost-effective, simple method for rapid, consecutive measurements
■ Small footprint increases data flow and helps go/no go decision making

System Components

The iWorx ZS-200 Zebrafish ECG Recording System consists of:

  • IX-100F Recorder (5 in. x 4 in. x 2 in.) optimized for recording microvolt ECG signals from Zebrafish.  The System has a system noise of about 1 microVolts with the electrodes shorted.  Zebrafish ECG is between 30 – 200 microVolts, providing adequate signal-to-noise ratio for analysis of the different components of the ECG signal. (see specifications below)
  • A-ZEC-200 Zebrafish ECG Recording Chamber. The Zebrafish chamber has been optimized for recording ECG from Zebrafish that are between 1” to 2” in length. The chamber (4 in. x 2 in. x 3 in.) consists of the following components:

– Aluminum enclosure that is grounded to reduce 60 Hz noise.

– Fish pedestal with a machined cavity to make it easy to place the fish on its back.

– A thumb screw with a swivel mechanism to position the   electrode on the fish.

– Replaceable electrode holder with AgAgCl electrodes.Shielded electrode cables used to carry the small ECG signal from the fish to the recorder. This reduces the 60 Hz noise that is picked up by the system.

  • Ag/AgCl electrodes (1.5 mm Diameter) are used for recording the ECG from the surface of the Zebrafish. A set of 3 electrodes is provided with the system.
    •  Size B electrodes are placed 0.125” (3.2mm) apart.
    •  Size C electrodes are placed 0.150” (3.8mm) apart.
    •  Size D electrodes are placed 0.175” (4.45mm) apart.
  • iWorx LabScribe ECG Analysis Software


Biopotential Channels 1
High Pass Filter 0.5Hz
Low Pass Filter 500 Hz
Input Range +2.5V
Resolution 16 Bit
System Noise  ~1 µV
Sampling Speed 100 kHz
Connector Mini XLR
Power USB
Enclosure Aluminum
Dimensions 5″W x 3.4″L x 1.25″H
Interface USB