NBK-TA Neurobiology Lab Kit 신경생물학 연구실 키트

NBK-TA 신경생물학 연구실 키트에는 다음과 같은 실험을 통해 신경과학의 메커니즘과 개념을 탐구하는 데 필요한 모든 것이 포함되어 있습니다.

  • Membrane potentials
  • Action potentials & propagation
  • Synapses, transmitters and receptors
  • Neurons in the central nervous system & control of specific cells and functions
  • Motor neurons & effect on organs
  • Sensory receptors & association with the central nervous system.


Featured Cornell Crawdad Labs

Wyttenbach, Robert A., Johnson, Bruce R., Hoy, Ronald R.의 신경 생리학을 위한 온라인 실험실 매뉴얼 기반

  • Passive Membrane Properties
  • Ionic Basis of Resting Potentials
  • Crayfish Motor Nerve Recordings
  • Crayfish Motor Nerve Anatomy
  • Stretch Receptor
  • Synaptic Connectivity: Part A & Part B

Neurobiology Kits

  • iWorx Neurobiology Kits include:
  • TA Control Module with iWire-compatible Biopotential (ECG, EMG) Amplifier, Built-in Stimulator
  • LabScribe™ Software
  • Suction Electrode
  • Patellar Reflex Hammer
  • Intracellular Probe
  • Goniometer
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Grip Force Sensor
  • Event Marker
  • Muscle Twitch Sensor
  • Courseware
  • Force Transducer
  • Nerve Bath Chamber

Neurobiology Measurements

  • The kits are suitable for recording and measuring:
  • Membrane Potentials
  • Action Potentials
  • Muscle Contraction
  • Frog ECG
  • Mechano-reflexes and more…